Friday, May 18, 2012

My Life List

So the goal of a life list isn't actually like a bucket list.
It's more of an evaluation tool. You identify how you feel about your life and then how you want to feel and what you want your life to be like. For instance, I decided that I wanted to be happy, creative, influencial, beautiful and loved.
You think of things that make you feel that way (for me, the ocean makes me feel creative AND happy) and then you make three lists. One list for things you want to do everyday. On mine, I have things like go outside and sketch. One list for things to do often, like once a week or once a month (like have a movie night, buy cute underwear) and one list for things to do in life (visit places, skydive, etc.).
The things about this list is that it's YOURS. You OWN it. So you can change it if you want. You don't have to do everything on it and you can add things as you go. It's like a little guide to help you make your life what you want it to be. I like it because when I've made bucket lists in the past, I've felt like I signed them in blood so I was always really disappointed in myself for not losing that thirty pounds, but I made that a rule on this one: no "goals." And don't not put things that are "impossible." The girl who does the "Mighty Life List" says we are often poor judges if what is possible and she's right.
You can find my Life List on the "My Life List" page at the top of the blog! :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just an Update

Just letting you know that there are four posts still in the making (they're pretty long) and I've just finished finals for the term so now that I have more time to write, I will.