Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Creating a Calendar Pt 1

I expected this to be difficult so I'm on the right track. I laid the basic groundwork for my calendar.
I've based the calendar around three concepts: positive creation, rejuvenation, and reflection. The time within my calendar is based on threes because three is the perfect number for cycles. Two thirds of the time within it are given toward positive creation, two ninths toward rejuvenation and one ninth toward reflection. I did this because I think action is more important that rest, rest is more important than living in the past, although the past is worth remembering.

Nine days to a "week," which is three cycles of three, and three "weeks" to a "month." There are thirteen months, followed by another fourteen days in the "fourteenth month" which isn't actually a month. I've designated the fourteen days at the end of the year and toward the beginning to be the cyclical "connector." 

My calendar is technically made up of 351 days, leaving the fourteen "accendo" at the end/beginning, although I'm considering splashing some of them within the calendar year itself, to be set apart as days of "accendo." All of my month names are coming from Latin, by the way. I have the first month, Genesis, the last month, Finis, two months of rejuvenation, Quietis and Sano, the month of reflection, Recolo, the beginning of fall, Mutatio, and the month of the Harvest, Abundans. Accendo is the fourteen day period, specifically for celebration.
I arranged my calendar according to the seasons and, because I'm in the Northern Hemisphere, my New Year is March 20th, which was the Vernal Equinox this year. I'm really considering creating a sliding calendar, but in all honesty, I'm not sure I could work out the mechanics of it. Perhaps Accendo could be a sliding holiday like Easter and simply last from the end of Finis to the Vernal Equinox; that way the New Year would always be in Spring. It's worth considering at least, and everyone wants to have a good party.
This is actually turning out to be a very interesting project.
My next goal is to finish naming my months, designate the year and the "beginning of time" marker and come up with some holidays to celebrate what's important to me.
I briefly considered basing a sliding calendar on the stages of the moon, but I think I prefer this.
I will, of course, keep you updated.

Also, I learned to knit (cast on plus a simple stitch) so be expecting a post.

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