Monday, April 16, 2012

Long Guns

Here's a fun one: yesterday, I learned to shoot long guns. It was SO MUCH FUN.

I shot a Remington .22 rifle.

All of these targets were printed on one 8X11 piece of paper and shot from 50 feet, one shot right after another.

I also shot a 12 gauge shotgun (which I don't have pictures of yet) and I NEVER want to do that again. That thing kicked so hard, I nearly fell over.

I shot a Ruger .243 at 100 yards.
I can touch my shots with a quarter :)

It's a bit hard to see but the shot is in his forehead,
right below the hem of his hat  on his left side.
These targets are the size of normal, standard targets.

And finally, I shot an M1 Garand also from 100 yards at a standard size target, but for this one, all I had were iron sights.
Killed him three times and scared the crap out of him once :)
So all in all, that was a pretty cool thing. I also blew through a Coke can (I wish it'd been a Pepsi can) which was AWESOME. Next week, I'm picking up the pistols and probably a watermelon. :)

And just a quick P.S. I decided that Earth Day should be a holiday on my calendar :) Any other suggestions? 

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