Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

Every culture, most religious groups, even some groups that just don't fit into any categories all have their own calendars. This amazes me. Time is such an interesting mechanism, something that we cannot live without but that kills us in the end; time exists, but the concept of it that we have created is fascinating. I've decided that my first experiment is going to be to create my own calendar. That means I'll create my own break down of units of time, I'll decide when "time" began and subsequently what time and date it is now and for the joy of it, I'm going to create my own holidays. Culture is such an interesting thing because it makes us all so different, it gives us new things to learn and explore but it separates us by creating smaller, more specific communities and for people like me, that can be quite intimidating. I don't know anything about my ancestry, but why should I be left out and made to feel as though I don't belong to a cultural or historical community? That's just not fair, or rational. So in substitute for factual knowledge about the past, I'm simply going to create my present and future. Keep in mind that this calendar I'm creating has nothing to do with religion but should you choose to follow up with your own experiment (which I'd love to hear about), you should of course feel free to integrate religious affiliations if you wish. I will too, once I decide what to incorporate, but for now this is about time and a small bit of culture.
As for New Year, well there's no time like the present.

Expect many such terrible puns from me.

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