Monday, April 9, 2012


I had a party at the bookstore because I got a world mythologies book on sale :)
So I'm thinking that betwixt my calendar and my knitting (Knitting comes up on Wednesdays; my calendar needs a bit more work, then I'll be ready to post it up here) I could work on a mythology series.
The word, myth, is no surprise) Greek. Originally, it was just in reference to story-telling, but over time it morphed into what we know of the word today.
Mythology is always interesting. So, I'm going to read from the book for a jumping-off point, then hit the research. First up: the Sumerians.

*Please note that most information will come from the following sources:
Lost Civilizations: Mysterious Cultures & Peoples by Markus Hattstein, published by Parragon
World Mythology: Legendary Figures and Mystical Creatures, A Factopedia published by Parragon
Tons of Google searches

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